My Favorite Letters


My two favorite letters in food are C’s and F’s. The C’s represent Chocolate, Cookies, Chicken, and Calories, and the F’s represent Free Food. I recently went to a party and there were plenty of the C’s and F’s there. A paradise for my palate! 😉


My favorite letters in exercise are R and S. As in Running, Racing, Swimming, RunS, and Recovery.


My favorite letter in music is B. As in Beatles, Blondie, Beethoven. But not the Beach Boys (go figure that one!).


My favorite letters in footwear are B,A,R,E,F,O, and T


My favorite letters in literature are D, F, and S. Or Dragons, Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, and Fast (as in Space Ships). And the iconic Data (from Star Trek – The New Generation, in case you didn’t know.)




For those of you who understand chess, my favorite letters are G and M. As in GM (short for GrandMaster, a title almost all chess players aspire to be), Gambits (which I play a lot), Miniatures (what you probably end up with if you play Gambits), and of course, the Game itself.


GF is sometimes to be understood as Girl Friend. But it could also mean Good Friend, or even Great Friend. All of which are Good and Fantastic!


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