What do computers and jigsaw puzzles have in common? They both contribute words to the title of this post.




Here are recent events, experiences, and thoughts from the last seven days.





Someone asked me if I was superstitious or afraid of Friday the 13th. I told him I was more afraid of Friday the 20th.




I love baseball. In fact, I just bought a book on baseball from a used bookstore. It was titled “Triumph and Tragedy in Mudville” and was written by Stephan Jay Gould (yes, that Stephan Jay Gould). I knew he shared a passion with me, but this was the first time I could actually buy his book.


Three items of note that really grabbed my attention (so far in the book);


(1) In the introduction it is mentioned one the nights Gould went to see a professional baseball game, he would decline an evening meal before the game. He would instead insist on having a hot dog at the stadium because that’s the things were done. I felt I found someone who knows his priorities!


And I might add, hot dogs taste better at baseball stadiums.


(2) The beginning of Spring is not just about flowers blooming in the sun. But also the start of the baseball season; along with the reblooming of summer, sports, and sluggers.


(3) Gould tells of playing stickball when he was younger. Again, I have to cheer. It was low key and mom had trouble finding a left-handed glove for me.


I still had the same glove into adulthood, hoping to play again. The magic of youthful fantasies was gone. But the love of the game continued onward.






I am also a fan of Super Scrabble, or “Scrabble on Steroids”, as some players call it. Essentially, it is a larger board, with more tiles and bonus squares.


On Thursday, easily the rainiest day of the year (and remember, we are only in January), my friend and I played a game.


She took an early lead as I had to trade in letters thee out of the first four moves of the game. But I charged back scoring multiple triple word scores and a bingo worth 92 points. As we approached the end, I knew it was going to be close game.


I composed a poem about the end of the game.



One more turn to go.  

If you were to ask,

I had won.

She played her tiles,

 just so.

She had 7-4-1.



Not as good as Keats, but I am getting better!





Saturday brought some beautiful and much desired sunshine.


I had some opportunities to enjoy the sun. And enjoy them I did.


I rode my bike to the swap meet. I felt bathed in the sun all over me and my feet love it the most. (Just so you know, I cycled barefooted. However, this is redundant, as I walk, run, cycle, and drive barefooted).


Now, even if you never experienced boyhood, you probably know that us boys and men enjoy adrenalin. We always have a need to be fast, or at least have a need to be competitive, even if it is only with ourselves. In this case, I wanted to cycle fast and keep going on forever. It was freedom and it was the sun that gave that freedom for the day.


Later in the day I found and bought two chess books at the swap meet. They were good finds. And after a little more shopping, I found a tree. And indulged myself. It was joy to sit next under a tree. And read a chess book. And have the sun shine all over me (including my bare feet). And eating an ice cream with diced peanuts. All at the same time.


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