Real and Reel



This is post about recent movies, theaters, and my visits to them in Huntington Beach.

It was in the last week of December that I was able to watch Rogue I, the latest Star Wars movie. I originally wanted to see the film earlier. But I didn’t get the chance as I was recovering from a bad cold. And it was cold outside. And I didn’t feel like getting another cold from the cold and from the cold.

Before we go further into this post, here is something I feel that must be said. I have heard so many people getting the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy confused, I thought I would straighten out everything for those people.

First, an introduction to Science Fiction (SF). It is, at least according to SF Fans (SFF), a story that is plausible, and usually about the future. It can incorporate robots, androids, spaceships, faster than light travel and time travel. Even if we can’t do those things now, some of them are plausible enough that we just might be able to build and use those things at a later time.


This is opposed to Fantasy, which is describing something that is impossible in our known universe.





One might love the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I don’t know anyone who is actively planning a trip to the Shire.

Back to the Reel part of the post.

The Star Wars saga has been around since 1977, and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, but some more than others (those who have seen the three “prequels” know what I am talking about). This movie easily makes into the top two.

This movie also answers and fixes some fundamental and fatal flaws in the original movie, Star Wars. For more detail, please read the posting of Dec. 28 2016 (and if you don’t mind spoilers). By the way, and I didn’t think about this until after the post, but this movie also sets the time it took to build the Death Star at about 20 years. And no major spoilers may be inferred from just knowing that! =)


Another movie that brought me great joy was La-La Land. Now there used to be a time in which I didn’t like musicals, but I don’t think I ever saw a more interesting musical than this one. I’ll try not to give out major spoilers here.

First of all, this movie takes place in Los Angeles (which would also describe LA-LA Land). It is a musical, but even non-musical lovers can figure this out as the movie starts with a musical and dance number. On the 101 freeway. In Los Angeles. During Rush Hour.

The movie keeps us in suspense as we don’t know who the potential lovers really are, or how many there may be, or what their decisions may ultimately be. Suffice to say that at the very end, there was not a single sound in the movie theater where I watched the movie. Not one. Nada. Nothing. It was incredible. I loved the tension this movie brought!

Like so many movies today, this one also paid homage to older movies of similar genres. There nods to Singing in the Rain (1952), A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), and of course, A Rebel Without a Cause (1955). There are also possibly more, but I must have missed them. If you know of any, please add them in the comments section.

The dancing sequence at the Griffith Observatory is a fantastic futuristic fantasy. To say anything more would be a major spoiler. Those who have seen the movie know exactly what I am talking about.

So two good movies so far this year. Yeah!

The movies keep getting better, but also get more expensive. This year, on Jan. 27, the Regency in Huntington Beach closed its doors. For 11 years it showed movies that were perhaps a month or so from their premieres. And showed them for only $3! Hot dogs for only $1. I don’t know how they stayed in business for 11 years!

There was no better place to cool down after an extremely hot day in July and August. Or to bring a date where there sometimes just you and your honey sitting and enjoying the movie. Or sometimes you and a blind date. I don’t know how they stayed in business for 11 years!

Or just to get on bicycle, ride to the theater, get some exercise and still have enough energy to enjoy a move. And refused entry because you were wearing a backpack. Were they wondering if I was carrying a bomb?

They could not tell me why, it was just policy from management (which is usually a bad sign, esp. when they wouldn’t give me the contact information on the manager). They could not define a backpack (which is also a bad sign) so I wouldn’t make the same “mistake”, as there some other people with definitely paler skin who were carrying rather large purses that certainly look like backpacks to me.  I don’t what became of this policy, except it was gone after a month or soon afterwards. I still don’t know how they stayed in business for 11 years!


Oh, how I missed you Regency! Thank you for all the fun and interesting times.


Anyone has a film to suggest? I’m listening.



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