Knott Another Pun


In early January I purchased a season pass for Knott’s Berry Farm (KBF). Yesterday I was finally I was able to use it in the beautiful sunshine of Southern California.


Why did it take me so long to use it? Generally I eschew the rain and avoid the cold. And in January and February we had plenty of both.


Finally the sun decided to smile on us this month and I got to play outside. I say play, because being outside with a warm sun is my favorite place to play. I went on roller coasters and even a water ride, walked around the place, shot some photos, and just soaked up the sun in copious quantities.


But why Knott’s Berry Farm? D-Land, KBF bigger brother up little more north,  is further away, more expensive, more crowded, and more stressful. Plus I like their food more (it’s slightly more healthy).


I got home slightly dirty, very tired, and absolutely happy.


We had some very light rain here in Orange County. It was not even up to the level of a mizzle, but nevertheless, we had some precipitation.


I’m glad I went to Knott’s yesterday!  😉


Here are some photos from Knott’s Berry Farm. And like the lyrics of a well known song; “these are a few of my favorite things”.








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