A Silly Sign


Camelot Books, a popular used book store in Southern California, is going out of business.


I have frequented the store many times and personally knew the original owner (I even played a chess match with him about 30 years ago. But this is getting off the point.)




I’ve always loved the English language. I thought I was weird growing up, and it was because I was.


You see, I loved seeing new words; what word games I liked to play. I’m not just talking about Scrabble, but making my own games. For example, I wondered what word might have the most “S”’es.


SASSAFRASES and BUSINESSES with 5 and 4 S’es respectfully, is what I came up with.


Yesterday I visited Camelot to take advantage of their going out of business (see, knowing such words with lots of “S”es in them can be a good thing) sale.


I got there early and remembered that there was restaurant nearby. But I’ve actually never been inside the restaurant. What got my attention was the sign they proudly presented in their window.


It answered my question of, “What is the longest sequence of consonants you can have in a word without any vowels?”


The answer is five, if you misspell the word. See below.


20170308_110141 copy


We’ll save the problem of grammar for another time.

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