Playing With Colour




Enjoy the last few hours of the day (or you can claim a Happy Saint Patrick’s Weekend if you wish).


For me, I just don’t get it. I do think it is fun time, but I don’t exactly celebrate the day (or weekend). And for at least three reasons.


One, I am not Irish. I don’t even look Irish.

I can’t even come close to sounding Irish.

And finally, Green is not my favourite colour. My favourite colour is blue. Green is second. Or even third, if you consider White to be a colour.

My favourite pens are blue. My computer mouse is blue. My shoes, when I wear them, are blue (note here: my shoes tend to last a very long time).



The squares on my chessboards are blue and white. Interesting fact here; when I play blindfolded or analyzing a position on the board, I can’t describe exactly what I am seeing. The pieces don’t have colour, and I can’t tell you if I see them in two- dimensional or three-dimensional.

My umbrella is blue. My two portable alarms clock are blue. My wallet is blue. Most jackets I own are blue. I wear blue jeans. Can you guess what colour is my computer screen? 😉

White goes well with blue. There is not only the previously mentioned two toned chess board, but also blue jeans and white tee-shirts, blue ink on white paper (you can get very creative), blueberries on vanilla ice cream (also tastes good), and even white snow with a clear blue sky behind (it’s a rarity in Southern California, where the snow usually falls when the sky is covered in clouds. Come to think it, it’s probably a rarity anywhere!)

Now, confessions. I do own and use a blue and green backpack. So I am not necessarily adverse to green. But that has to wait for another post.

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