Ready for US?


I belong to an online chess social group (


One of the leaders, we both co-lead the group, expressed her fear that if she was to travel to the US she might fall victim to a religious attack as her beliefs are not part of the majority.


This is my reply to her.




Someone once told me that FEAR is an acronym meaning F*ck Everything And Run. There are certainly some things to afraid of.
Since this conversation was /is motivated by a fear of the mainstay religion (in the case, Christianity) attacking a member of a minority religion, we’ll start there.
In every country in world there are always people who put their faith in god ahead of human beings. I would suggest you stay away from groups or individuals.
There are also, again in every country in the world, people who have a phobia (an unreasonable fear, anger, or hatred of something or some group of people) against women, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, foreigners, atheists, dissidents, nudists, artists, intelligentsia, science, and religions other than their own. But the US is still more accepting that most other nations.
Tell the FEAR to Run Away. And you come anyway!


We have kindness, generosity, lots of places to get free (or nearly free) food and clothing, educational opportunities, beaches (and clean ones too!), amusement parks, libraries, plenty of places to hike, run, walk, play, study, or even to play chess (that’s a big one for all of us here!), and national and regional groups for all the previous.


Here it is OK here to criticize the government (or a government official), to read what you want to read, attend a rally of your choice, attend a concert, go to sporting event, ride a bike, eat a hamburger, or simply walk down the street barefooted (ok, that’s big one for me! 😉
And lastly, no one will force you to join their religion or forgo your own.






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