Most of you may know that I have written a Scrabble book. Or more precisely, a word book for US Scrabble (US), UK Scrabble (UK), Super Scrabble (SS), and Words With Friends (WWF).


A major challenge of this type of book is trying to keep current with the English language. The language morphs, changes, evolves. Added to the pot of confusing growth is the manufacturers, or at the people who write the official dictionaries, periodically update their dictionaries.


In August, 2014, US Scrabble decided to release their 5th version of the official dictionary, adding some 5000 (!) new words. The list was made mandatory in December of that year. So I had to redo the book.


In 2015, UK Scrabble, not wanting to be left behind the Americans, decided to update their official dictionary. They added not only the 5000 new words from the Americans, but added a few hundred more words of their own.


I had to update the book again. At least the US and UK gave enough time for everyone to make the change, and even graciously and thoughtfully provided their updated book for the general public (but you still have to buy it).


Earlier this year, I got word (so to speak!) that WWF had added at least one word to their dictionary. The word is EW.


It is defined as: EW [n. Short for Electronic Warfare; interj. An exclamation of disgust – WWF only]


Someone had apparently tried his word, and was accepted. I tried it and it worked for me too.


So once again, in 2017, I am updating the book. So why didn’t the nice people at Zygna send a notice to all their players who use their app? I don’t know. But it could have made them some money.


Meanwhile, I wonder how many more secret words there are in WWF.


The updated book (mine!) will be available in the first week of July.


Blue_Cover_1 copy

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