50 things that are annoying for Lefties


Some things are don’t make a difference. Some things are only a trifle annoying. And some things are outright dangerous  for lefties.

Here are are more than 50 things that make life for lefties more than a trifle annoying. We’ll start with neutral things and move from there.


CLIPBOARD [Provided the clip is on top]



book-01A copy

TEE-SHIRTS (You can even turn them inside-out)




 1) 3 RINGED BINDER, SPIRAL NOTEBOOK, etc. [Rings and spirals gets in the way of a lefty. Best when used up-side down.]

 2) 10 KEY NUMBER PAD [On the right side, making it harder to do data entry and date a file.]

 3) ARCHERY [Lefties need a left-handed bow and where do they store their arrows?]

 4) ATM MACHINES [Buttons for PIN are on the right side. If you are in a hurry don’t get behind a lefty – he’ll take a few extra seconds to finish his transactions. Blame it on the design flaw! ;)]

 5) BICYCLE BRAKES [The ones that brake the front tire are one the left handle bar. Which means if you brake with only your left hand, you’ll fly off the bike. Righties don’t have this problem.]

 6) CAMERA [The shutter button (the button you press when you want to shoot a photo) is always on the right side. Lefties have the choice of either possibly getting their left thumb in the photo (you try it!) or shooting with their right hand. Now if you want to shoot a selfie – then lefties have the advantage. (smile!)]

 7) CD/DVD CASES [When opening or close, it’s best for a lefty to do the action up-side down.]

 8) CD/DVD PLAYERS [Play button on right side]

 9) COMPUTER MOUSE [Everyone seems to want to put the mouse on the right (wrong!) side of keyboard.]

10) CELL PHONES [Power button is meant to be slid from left to right. it’s faster that way. Righties can use thumb to move slider all the way to right. Lefties often wish they had longer thumbs. Or risk dropping the phone. Try it!]

11) CORDS FOR PENS, etc. [they simply get in the way of Lefties. why doesn’t someone just attach the cords to the center of device?]

12) DRINKING FOUNTAINS [Now it’s better. But many are still made for people to turn a knob on the right side. What was really insane was that my Catholic elementary school attached metal bars that covered the left side of the knob.]

13) GAMING CONTROLLERS [Again, all the important buttons on right side]

14) HAND TOOLS [Box cutters, garden pruners, paint rollers, pliers, Swiss army knives, trowels, tweezers, wrenches, wire cutters, wire strippers, utility knives and so on]


16) KITCHEN UTENSILS [If they are curved, they are curved for righties]

17) KNIVES [Unless your dinner guests don’t mind their bread and meat being slightly offcut (the serrated edge in on the wrong side for lefties]

18) MEASURING CUPS [Unless you using the metric system, all the useful scales are on the wrong side when you hold the cup. And sometimes only one side has the printing!]


20) MICROWAVE OVEN [Buttons on wrong side]

21) MUGS [All the printing is on the wrong side. That is, if you want someone to read your message.]

Coffee_Cup_Icon_clip_art_hight copy




22) MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS [Both Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney both played their guitars upside-down. Most other instruments are also made for righties.]

23) PENS, PENCILS, and other writing tools with lettering [Hard to read writing and see logos when upside down!]

24) PENS, BALLPOINT [Pens are made to be pulled, not pushed. Pulling results in more ink stoppage]

25) POSSIBILITY OF A SHORTER LIFESPAN [Not proven, but very likely]

26) REMOTE CONTROLS [ON button on wrong side]

27) RIGHTIES WHO TRY TO CHANGE LEFTIES [As if we didn’t have enough on the list]

28) SCHOOL DESK [Too few of them in elementary schools, high schools, and universities]


30) SHIRT POCKETS [Just try to use your left hand to put and then pluck a pen from your shirt pocket while wearing it.]

31) SLOT MACHINES [I don’t play them. But if a casino wants to increase their income, even an small amount, put some arms on left side of these one-armed bandits so people who use their left hands can spend their money faster.]

32) STOPWATCHES [Again, made for righties]

33) TABLET [The power button, and other important buttons, are on wrong side]

34) MOVIE THEATER SEAT CUP HOLDERS [When you sit down to watch a movie, where do you put your cup?]

35) TICKER BARRIERS ON SUBWAY, etc. [On the right side. Could be considered DIFFICULT if carrying bags.]

36) VENDING MACHINES [Coin slot tends to be on the right side]

37) WATCHES [The buttons are all on the wrong side when worn on the right wrist.]

38) ZIPPER [The flap that covers the zipper is usually on left side.]



39) CAN OPENER [Almost always have to use right hand]

40) GOLF CLUBS [They are expensive. And that is not including the left-handed versions.]

41) GLOVE, BASEBALL [Almost never seen a left-handed glove in sporting goods store. I’ve had to play barehanded more than once. Not bad, but you can’t be a catcher]

42) POTATO and VEGETABLE PEELERS [Can’t use them left-handed. But they aren’t dangous]

43) SHORTSTOP, AN INFIELD POSITION IN BASEBALL [Lefties usually have to make an extra turn to throw to first base]



44) ARCHERY and GUN RANGES [Especially when users are packed in tightly]

45) CIRCULAR SAWS [Made for righties. Unless you use them from the other side. In either case, a danger]

46) BOOMERANG [They never return to a lefty, even if they are thrown upside-down.]

47) MACHINE SHOP DRILLS, LATHES, etc. [Many handles can be switched to left side, but when was the last time you saw that done?]

48) GUNS [Safety locks are made for righties. Not a biggie safety problem, but there could be.]



49) FIELD HOCKEY [But lefties are allowed in ice hockey.]


knights-josting3 copy

51) MARTIAL ARTS [Has to be learned from a right-hander’s POV.]

52) POLO [No lefties allowed due the potential injuries to horse and rider from mallet.]

53) USING A SICKLE [When cutting in a group.]



54) CAMCORDER [Your nose gets in the way if you are left-eyed]

55) VIEWFINDERS ON CAMERAS [More annoying for people who are left-eyed. Like I am. Fortunately not as popular as before. Now we have Camcorders.]

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