About Me


I was born in the year of the dragon. I’ve always been fascinated by them and all other fantasy beings and mythology. That takes care of one part of this website’s name.

For some reason, I was also born left-handed, a gift or curse bestowed on about 10% of the population, depending who you asked.

Not only I was born left-handed, but also left-eyed (my left eye is stronger and more responsive than my right), left-eared, left-legged, and left-footed. Truly I am a rarity!

There has always been subtle and not-subtle attempts to change this aspect of me but I’ve always been too stubborn to change.

And I do enjoy being left-handed. I seem to have literally a different view on life. And that takes care of the other part of this website’s name.

 I also do enjoy humor, word play, literature.

You’ll find a great selection jokes, puns, essays, short stories, critiques, and all other interesting and fun things you can do with the English.

I also enjoy long distance running, board games (esp. chess and Scrabble), and art. You’ll probably find more than just English puns, word play, and my musings as this website continues to grow.

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