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Earlier this year (2014) I completed my Scrabble book. However, in August, the Scrabble people added 5000 words that can be used in the game.

So I had to update the book.

This updated edition covers the following;


1) All two and three lettered words

2) Q without U words (and even words that have more than one Q in them)

3) Borrowed words from French (250 words), Spanish (250 words), Latin (200 words), Greek (150 words), Hebrew/Yiddish (450 words), German (175 words), Russian, Japanese, and even Hawaiian

4) Proper nouns that are allowed in Scrabble and WWF

5) List of prefixes and suffixes to make your word longer.

6) Lists of words that can help you get rid of unwanted vowels and other letters

7) Strategies for when you have to turn in letters and for creating bingos

8) Lists of acceptable words used Astronomy, Baseball, Chess, Computers, Mythology, and more!


Click on the link and get the book before your fellow Scrabble opponents do!


More books coming soon!

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