Wednesday Nite Story 2


I was driving to my SF meeting for a Foundation series talk when I saw a man standing on an island in the middle of the street.

The island was large and long enough to provide him safety from the traffic that was coming from both directions. He was carrying a large cardboard sign with him that I could not read. And when I got closer I noticed he was leaning into a car that had stopped because of a red light.

At first I thought he was a panhandler and his sign said something like, “LOOKING 4 WORK”, “HOMELESS VET”, “NEED FOOD”, “NEED MONEY, “NEED FOOD AND MONEY”, or even “NEED MONEY FOR COLLEGE”.

But as he backed away from the car, I was finally able to read his sign. In bold, orange and red letters, the sign said, “FREE HUGS”.

What a wonderful message! There are some things better than literature, even SF. Not many, but hugs are.