Aliens and Other Stuff




In about 2015 I met someone at Del Taco. For those of those of you who don’t know, Del Taco is a Fast Food (FF) Mexican restaurant here on the West Coast. Also, for those of you who don’t know, men like FF.

Anyway, I met this person, who I’ll call “C.”, as we both like Classic Music and apparently, burritos, hamburgers and French fries. We met at Del Taco with some other acquaintances to talk about the world problems (yes, men do this too!)


But what is troubling about “C.” is that he all too prone to insane ideas and conspiracies that threaten my sanity.

At Del Taco, he stated that people have been abducted by aliens and they had chips embedded in their arms from both them and the US government who wanted to record all their conversations, as well as keep track of their movements.

I asked C., “Why didn’t these people take out these implants?”

He said he didn’t know but he was sure some of them had had them removed. I asked him, “Where are these devices now?” He said they probably threw them away.

I replied to him (and for some reason, I remember all this),

“That doesn’t make sense at all! Surely if someone was to find something an alien object in their bodies, they would take them out, want someone else to take a look at them and immediately go to the doctor. Even if these people didn’t trust the government, they could hand deliver them to a university or to a TV or radio station. In addition, I am also sure they would want to talk to other people with the same experience or implements and share not only their stories but compare their devices. I mean both women and men do the same with just normal stuff like clothing, jewelry, and pets.”



He replied, “Well maybe these people are crazy”.

I am not sure they are the only ones who are crazy.

In another episode, and this one happened at Starbucks (I like hot chocolate), he said that he had proof that we (the US) did not land on the moon and it was all a conspiracy. I was planning to do some work on my laptop, but I agreed to listen to what he had to say.


He show me a slim, slightly oversized, hardback book from about 1971 titled, “Our Moon Landing”, or something like that.

C. had bookmarked that page where his “incredible photo” resided. It was an image of the earth taken from outer space and it clearly showed some large land mass that was partially covered with clouds, with some white stuff on the bottom.

He said that was picture of the US and the white blur at the bottom was due to the some photo editing so it could be shown on in the book. He didn’t elaborate how this “disproved” a Moon landing.

I looked at the photo. It didn’t look like the US, but what was it? Finally, it dawned on me.

I asked him, “What is that island on the east coast?” He said he didn’t know. I told him it was Madagascar. And the land mass was Africa.

I told him that this image was taken from south of the Equator and the white mass he saw at the bottom was Antarctica.

In our third encounter of the alien and conspiracies (yes, you can insert a joke about “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”), he wanted to disprove science.

He said that all science was all junk, as they only had “theories”. I asked, “What is the definition of a theory?” He said it was an untested claim.

So I asked him, “What is a foot?” He asked me if I meant the part of the body or 12 inches.

I told him that sometimes a word has more than one meaning. And I didn’t press the point as he already conceded it, but the word foot has at least five meanings. See my definition(s) below.

Then I told him, “The word ‘Theory’ also had more than one meaning. In science it means, ‘an explanation that takes into account all the known facts’ ”.

He asked me for an example. I picked up a napkin about two feet (I love it!) off the table and dropped onto the table. As one might expect, the napkin actually fell onto the table.


I then told him the reason the napkin fell to the table was due to the Theory of Gravity.


And the lights were on in Starbucks due to the “Theory of Electricity” and he should be thankful that his doctor was following the well-known principles of “Germ Theory”. And his van ran on multiple theories.

He then tried to trip me up by asking, “What is gravity?” I told him it was a force like the electromagnetic, the same one that powering the lights. And this force (gravitational) could be measured and predicted. And that everything that had mass had a gravitational force that attracted other things with mass to it. And, finally, that mass and its gravitational force were proportional to each other.”


It took a while and he was a little(?) overwhelmed about scientific terms and concepts. But he did have (slightly) more appreciation (but maybe not comprehension) about science.


I don’t get it. This person went to college. But didn’t learn. He didn’t know how to analyze.



Here are my footnotes on feet.



FOOT (FEET) [n. (1) The part of the body at the bottom of the leg on which a person or animal stands, (2) A unit of measurement equal to 12 inches, (3) A unit of poetic meter consisting of stressed and unstressed syllables, (4) The bottom or lower end of something, or in the same direction of the feet]
FOOT (ED, ING, S) [v. To be responsible for paying the cost of something]